Thursday, August 27, 2009

Iowa City

Iowa City. The Brass Candle. Smocktown. The Hub of Hubris. The Shame of Iowa. Iowa City.

Iowa City goes by many names, but to us, it was home to Meredith Lynn. Meredith hosted us in her modified loft above an Authentic Indian Restaurant. Her cat, name of Zeve, welcomed us with open claws. Meredith gave us a taste of life in a college town, ushering us into a delicious burger "joint" (Shorts Burger and Shine) and then into "Joe's Bar." Therein we played darts (Dorothy prevailed), Big Buck Hunter (nature lost), and met various Iowans. Including Craig, a displaced Pittsburgher and high school pal of Phil's (go Vikes). Despite the rainy weather, spirits were high, we had a great time, and memories were made, stored, and treasured.

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