Monday, August 24, 2009

Day 1--To Chicago

What we’ve done today:
We said goodbye to our parents and pups.
We left Pittsburgh.
Phil won the lottery at the rest stop and will fund the trip with his winnings ($2)
Dorothy snatched a handful of Wet-naps for the car (free of charge!)
We got the GPS on, leading us to our destination. Dorothy is still getting used to it, but Phil feels at home with it, really.
The GPS has our arrival time in Chicago at 4:40, though the number keeps getting later with each stop.

What we saw today:
A cloud shaped like a bird
3 black dogs
Amish folk in porkpie hats, almost certainly headed to KFC
A sign for Hoover Road and a truck that said Dot. Coincidence?

It's been a pretty quiet day.

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