Monday, August 24, 2009

The Beginning

Mission Statement:
The mission of this blog is to chronicle a cross country road trip begun this morning by two old and dear friends, Dorothy and Phil.

Dorothy is boss of the blog. She was given this title when she invented blogs and Phi is not allowed to touch the blog. She’s moving to Hollywood to produce Hollywood blogs.
Phil is her underling. He will be her ultimate downfall.

Day 1: Pittsburgh to Chicago
Day 2: Chicago
Day 3: Chicago to Iowa City
Day 4: Iowa City to Omaha
Day 5: Omaha to Laramie
Day 6: Laramie to Elko
Day 7: Elko to San Francisco
Day 8: San Francisco
Day 9: San Francisco to San Luis Obispo
Day 10: San Luis Obispo to Val Verde

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