Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chicago Post by Dorothy

We pulled into Chicago on Monday after an easy day of driving. Phil dropped me off at my sister and brother-in-laws apartment in Hyde Park and headed off to meet up with his friend Carmen in Andersonville.
Chicago felt more like the calm before the storm than the official start of the trip. Phil has lived in Chicago for more than 7 years and my sister has been in Hyde Park forever.
That night Josh, Megg and I went to dinner at Irazu in Wicker Park and sat outside and ate yummy Costa Rican food. I had been to Irazu four years ago for breakfast and still remember the french bread toast with sour cream and their avena (oatmeal) milkshake. This time I had potato tacos and horchata. Amazing.
The next day Megg took me to check out the new modern wing of the Art Institute. Cy Twombly and an exhibit of Japanese screens were the high points of the place.
Phil and I met up after being away from each other for a total of 24 hours! We played Rock Band at Carmens and this was my first time and I pretty much killed it singing on Maps. Cocktails at Weegees in Humboldt Park ended the day. Phil had the best cocktail with a claret's sour. The bartender sported a pretty cute vest.
Breakfast at La Condessa in Pilsen (check out the pictures) the next morning with Megg and Josh and then it was time to hit the road again.
I felt a little sad to be leaving Chicago and its impeccable radio stations (93.1 fm WXRT and The Drive) but pretty excited about our next city, Iowa City, the first never-been-to-before stop on our route.

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