Sunday, August 30, 2009

In Praise of Diane Kempson

What is there to say about Diane Kempson, part-owner of our favorite lodging of the trip, The Cowgirl Horse Hotel in Laramie, Wyoming. She’s probably the most interesting person around as far as we can tell. Sure, you think you got her pegged the minute you meet her; friendly drawl, Idaho t-shirt, dogs. You might think she has lived in Wyoming her whole life, but that is dead wrong. This lady has lived literally everywhere. Oh New York City? Yeah, she lived there. In the 70's. Charleston, South Carolina? She was freaking born there! Toronto, Chicago, this that and the other place. This woman is the living embodiment of that Johnny Cash song that everybody loves so much. She’ll also talk to you as long as she pleases about dogs, horses, vegetables, those snobby San Francisco elitist. What do they know!? Nothing, compared to Diane Kempson.

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