Friday, August 28, 2009

In Praise of Brian Sekafetz

The Road is hard. The Road is fucking hard. You learn this one of two ways: either you see it in a Hollywood movie from the comfort of your rented futon or you learn the hard way, from experience. Specifically, the experience of having your car vibrate the entire time you're on the highway. You wonder, Why is it vibrating? What's the vibrating for? Is it the shimmy shimmy shakes?

Sometimes, only one man can answer therse questions: Brian Sekafetz, owner of Dodge Street Tire in Iowa City. A man among men. A man who took the time to drive our Lesbaru down Highway 80 just to get a feel for its pain. A man who balanced our tires and then took it for yet another drive down Highway 80 while we hung out in the "customer lounge" watching SportsCenter with a third generation corn-fed mechanic stud eating the world's most perfect turkey sandwich. A man who, after spending an hour "car whispering" at the Lesbaru, charges us nothing because he didn't fix the problem. Not that he couldn't, mind you, he just wanted to make sure we got to Hollywood before it was too late...because he never did.

Whenever the wind blows down the lonesome highway, it will speak one name - Brian Sekafetz.

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  1. For some reason today Dec 24 I decided to bring my name up and found this. It sure made me feel good that I touched your lives in this way. You now have touched mine very deeply. Thank you!

    Brian Sekafetz

    Thank you! You have given me the best present I have had in a long time!