Friday, September 4, 2009

California! Day One

We write this from Dorothy's new home in sunny, rural Val Verde. She has arrived, like the the near-mute Jimmy from the film The Wizard, with battered lunchbox in hand, in "Caaaalifoorniaaaa." The last three days of our journey were relatively restful, which was great for us, if not for you, dear blog readers. Driving across the border from Nevada to California was a joyous moment for the both of us, and we smiled our way to San Francisco, where we were separated for the first time in what felt like months. Dorothy caught up with old friends, staying with Laura in her beautiful apartment in "TenderKnob" and meeting up with fellow Skiddies Nicole and Mike in the Mission. Phil stayed at the top of a big hill with his dear friend Carey, who, along with her housemates, was perfectly hospitable, did her best to show Phil as much of the city as possible in the scant few hours we had, and finally satisfied his nagging yen for fish tacos. San Francisco was beautiful, and we were sad to have but one day there, but we will surely return, and besides - the road was calling.

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